Sell your Swarovski, Waterford, Lalique and other crystal items. We are a major buyer of these items and would love for you to consider our service. We pay a premium for items in original boxes and packaging. Some of our top purchases include Baccarat, Lalique, Waterford, Swarovski etc. Check your attic for collectible crystal you are no longer displaying and pass it on with


We are actively buying high end collectibles and home accessories such as Lladro, porcelain Barbies, Lalique, Coach, Hummels... Avoid the hassels of consignment and sell 4 value. There are many reasons to sell.


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What exactly is Crystal?


While glass with lead has been around for centuries, George Ravenscroft was the first to produce clear lead crystal glassware in quantity. He obtained a patent for his product in 1673.


Crystal glassware is not comprised of crystals in terms of having a regular atomic pattern. It can also be confusing because it is defined differently in different parts of the world. For example in Europe crystal is defined as having a refractive index of at least 1.520 and a density of at least 2.54g/cm3. It also requires a lead oxide content of at least 24% to have the label lead crystal and 10% to be labeled crystal. However in the United States, only 1% lead oxide content is needed to refer to an item as crystal.


All crystal is glass, but not all glass is crystal. So what exactly is the difference?


Because of the lead oxide content, lead crystal has a higher refractive index than glass making it sparkle. It is also more dense, so it will weigh more than the same piece made in glass. Lead crystal is also softer making it easier to work with and cut. Therefore it is more likely to be cut and glass is more likely to be molded. Lead crystal, particularly stemware will make a distinctive long lasting ring when struck gently with a fingernail.


It is possible for lead to leach from crystal dishes into food and drinks. So some dishes are made with barium oxide, zinc oxide and/or potassium oxide. These lead free crystal glass items have similar refraction qualities to lead crystal, but are lighter weight and have lower dispersion properties.


What do we buy?


We buy all kinds of collectible crystal in any condition, but we especially like to purchase the mint items with mint condition packaging.


What do you pay?


The prices we pay depend on many factors


Is it in the original package?
How commonly available is it?
What is the condition of both the item and the box?
How much demand is there for it?
Is it an item we are out of?


In general, we pay half of the current average resale value.


How does this work?


If your want to bring them in, we recommend that you Make an Appointment , so that we can have a buyer available to help you. There is no need to list your pieces, but if you have more than one brand or product line it helps to sort them that way. Our buyer will go through your items, give you pricing and in most cases get a check cut for you during your appointment.


If like most people, you wish to mail them in, we recommend you read our packing tips for fragile items. Please fill out our form to get things started and let us know your figurines are coming. If you have enough to qualify for free shipping, we will get prepaid UPS labels to you. Once your items arrive (with our prepaid UPS labels you will be able to track them at, we will process them and mail a check to you within five business days.




Pictures of some of the items we have bought.


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